Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hastings & Winchelsea Beach ......

As it was such a lovely day today Mum & I took the little men down to the seaside. We packed up a picnic & drinks, picked the little men up from nursery & were in Hastings by 12.30pm.

We sat on the beach & ate our picnic while watching the little fishing boats coming in to land.

We were accosted by the seagulls from land & from the sky ::

After our picnic we went for a walk along the sea front & had an ice cream. The weather was perfect, very warm with a warm breeze. We had a ride back on the Miniature Railway, which was great fun.

As it was still early we decided to drive onto Winchelsea Beach. I must admit that Hastings is not my kind of place but the boys enjoyed it, which was the main thing.

Mum & I love Winchelsea. My mum used to have family holidays there as a child so she has lots of lovely memories. Mum & my Stepfather also used to get up at 5am & drive down to walk our 3 German Shepherds on the beach at 6am most Sundays in the summer 20 odd years ago.
There was hardly anyone around so we had the beach to ourselves. Mum & the little men went looking for shells & seaweed & I sat back & watched the sea going out...... Bliss !!!

At 4.30pm we packed up to go home, then panic .... I couldn't find my car keys.

We searched all through the bags, combed the beach, nothing, help !!!!!! Then after half an hour of panicking I found them in the zip compartment of my Kath Kidson bag, thank heavens. I had visions of having to get a taxis back home. Anyway all's well that ends well. I will definately be taking the little men to Winchelsea again through the summer hols.

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