Monday, 17 May 2010

African Flowers ........

I am inspired by many clever ladies who show off their knitting & crochet on the web. One is the lovely Lucy at Attic24 who inspired me to pick up a crochet hook two years ago & learn how to crochet properly after years of only being able to do granny squares. Another talented lady is the wonderful Elizabeth Cat, who has just started her own blog. If you haven't already had a look I highly recommend that you do.

Her work is amazing & she seems to start & complete projects at an incredible rate. One project that she has shared is the African Flower pattern. Wow, what a gorgeous pattern & so so easy & quick to do.

There are so many colour combinations, just have a look at the flikr site 'Crocheting African Flowers'. I am making a cushion cover to start with & I am hooked (excuse the pun ! ) I just love making these pretty flowers. This is my progress so far, I only started on Friday evening, to make the cushion round I am crocheting in between each hexagon.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Taking Time To Enjoy The Simple Things In Life ........

Loving the smell of newly cut grass & my garden coming to life after a long cold winter ::

Loving the beautiful blossom on the way to school ::
Loving all the fairy clocks (there seems to be hundreds of them this year) ::
Loving how nature can be so beautiful ::

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Like many of you out there I just love Jan Constantine wonderful cushions, wall hangings & nik-naks. I have drooled over them for quite some time now but my finances can't stretch to £75 for a cushion !!
Over the Easter hols I was sorting out my Lloyd loom Ottoman that was over flowing with old half finished tapestries, wools & pieces of canvas when the idea hit me, why not make some tapestry cushions using Jan's designs. As I already have the canvas & a large selection of wool it is a very cheap alternative, in fact FREE !!!!!
So here is my progress so far, a very easy project that I can pick up & work on whenever I have 5 mins to spare. I drew the outline of the letters & kind of made it up as I went.
Then I realised you can actually buy the chart from her web site for just £10, silly me !!! Anyway I am pleased with it & I am going to ask a friend to help me turn it into a cushion once it is finished as I am not very good with a sewing machin

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Just A Quick Note ........

I have quite a few WIP's to show you, but not the time to post them at the mo. I have being trying to catch up with jobs & the mountain of ironing that I have had hidden in the cupboard under the stairs, but shhhh don't tell my mother she would be very unimpressed with me if she saw it !!!!!!!

I am also trying to decide on kitchen cabinets, worktops & tiles for my new kitchen as I have found a chap that can do all of the work at a very good price & can start in a few weeks !!!!!

I promise to show off my WIP's in the next few days, but in the meantime here are some photos of two of my furry babies ......

Saba ....... my youngest furball, who says pink only looks good on girls !!!!

Saba & Bilbo ........ once arch enemies now good buddies. Bilbo has been quite poorly recently with gum problems & he also suffers from fits from time to time so he is a very special boy.