Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow !! .........

After a lot of 'will it, wont it', it did !!!!

The little men where off from school today after having a nasty tummy bug but where so eager to play in the snow that after 4 hours of moaning & groaning I gave in & we walked up our road & then had a short time in the garden. They were happy to have the time outside but wanted to come back in after 10 minutes. This tummy bug is doing the rounds at the school & I had it too but luckily not too badly.

After their 10 minutes of play they where content to watch the snow fall from the warmth of the sitting room, & no more moaning !!!!!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter Head Warmers .........

I love to see little people in hand knits. I am in the process of knitting sweaters & hats for my two !! Here is the first FO that I knocked out over the weekend. I used this pattern to make hats 4 years ago & the little men have just about outgrown them, so it was time to make new ones !!!

Pattern : Snug from Rowan Babies (size medium)

Needles : 3 3/4mm & 4mm

Yarn : Patons DK (from my stash)

What I really like about this pattern is that you get a lot of wear out of it, the original hats fitted for 3 years & that it covers little ears & back of the neck. Just what they need in this cold weather walking to school & playtime !!!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Jack Frost ........

Jack Frost has arrived early this year & the snow maybe close on his heels.
The little men are so excited about the prospect of snow & I must confess that I am too! But snow brings school closures & that I'm not so excited about so near to the Christmas hols.

But looking out the window at my beautiful crisp, frosty garden makes me look at the sky wondering will it, wont it !!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Little Men's 6th Birthday ........

Yesterday was the little men's 6th birthday. My goodness where is the time going to.

They managed to open a couple of presents before school & were over the moon with their Lego Atlantis kits!!!
What made it extra special for them this year was that their Daddy came over to pick them up from school & spend some time with them before their birthday tea !
They had 5 friends for tea & you can imagine the volume level with seven 6 year old boys !!!!
They all seemed to enjoy themselves & I had 2 friends that gave a me helping hand, thanks Jo & Beccy x

Birthday cakes made by yours truly !

My friend Jo stayed to help clear the decks & put the boys to bed for me while I had a quiet cup of coffee & a rather large slice of yummy Birthday cake.
All in all it was a lovely day for both the little men & me, & they where in the land of nod within 10 minutes of having a story & lights out ZZZZZZZzzzzz !!!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Two Little FO's .........

While I have been off air, so to speak, I have been busy with my hook. My first little FO is a gorgeously warm & snugly scarf.

Pattern : Just Enough Frills for an Ascot ( Free pattern on Ravelry or can be found over at 'Becky Blue J' blog .)
Yarn : Rowan Cocoon ( 2 balls )
Hook : 6.5 mm

I made it longer than the pattern & was great fun to make.

The second FO are a pair of crochet tiebacks for the curtains in the study. I just made them up as I went, here is how I made them.

Yarn : Rowan Handknit cotton

Hook : 4mm

Chain 76 sts. Sc in 2nd ch from hook & then sc in each ch across. ch 1 & turn then repeat to end. I did 5 rows of sc. Now for the frilly bit.

Dc in 1st sc 5 times ( 5 dc cluster ). *skip next st, slip st in next st, skip next st then 5 Dc cluster in next st* repeat along the bottom only. I then did a 12 st chain at each end for the cords to tieback. I hope these instructions makes sense !!!!!!!

I definitely think that you need to use a strong yarn, like the Rowan Handknit Cotton, to make these as they need to be firm & hard wearing.

Bonfire Night .........

Hellooooo long time no see !!!!

I have been without my computer for a while after it caught a rather nasty Virus called 'The Security Tool Virus'. Please be on the look out for this virus, it completely buggered up my computer !!!! Luckily the wonderful Bruce from PC Pal came to my rescue & worked his magic & I am now up & running again !!

Anyway onto happier events. This weekend was Bonfire Night, & like many of you out there we had a wonderful time at our village firework display. In fact it was one of the best I have seen.!

The little men where just mesmerized by the whole thing !!!

The weather was kind to us this year, no rain, & the mega large bonfire kept the chill away as did the freshly made warm donuts, yum !!!!!!

I always feel that after Halloween & Bonfire Night we are truly into Autumn. I must say that I do love Autumn, when the leaves turn to beautiful colours & you feel all cosy & warm indoors while watching the wind & rain outside !! I do wish that we still had an open fire though, like in our old house. There is nothing like the sound & smell of a fire to give you that warm content feeling !!