Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Granny Stripe Blanket Is Finished !! .........

SOOOOOOO HAPPY with my finished GSB !!! I have loved making this gorgeous blanket, deciding the lay out of the colours as I went was great fun. I'm pleased to see it finished but part of me is a little sad as it was such a fun project to make. Thank you so much Lucy for sharing this pattern, your a little gem xxx

I edged my blanket as follows :

1 row of treble stitch clusters, 1 row of treble sts, 2 rows of double sts, 2 rows of single sts then a shell edging of *3 double stitch clusters then slip st in next 2 sts* repeated all the way around.

So here it is all finished & laid out to show you. My camera doesn't show the colours in a true light, they are actually much brighter & warmer in real life.

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK (16 colours )

Hook: 4mm

Time to Make: 3 months

Enjoyment Level: Very :)

I'm thinking of making another one for little man no.1 using Vanna's Choice yarn to match little man no.2's ripple blanket that I started back in February & is half done, which reminds me that I must pull it out & get on with it so that it's ready for Autumn

bye for now

T xxx

Monday, 30 August 2010

Coffee Pot Cosy ........

My GSB is all but done, just finishing the shell edging, love, love, love it !!!! I would have finished it about a month ago but my hooking mojo plummeted when I hurt my back at the beginning of the summer hols. I have been working on it every evening for the past week, with a snugly Cusso beside me eyeing it up, sorry boy this one isn't for you my furry friend!

Here's another lovely little pattern by Alice @ Crocheting with Raymond, a sweet coffee pot cosy. It only took me 2 hours to make this morning while the the little men & I watched Micky Mouse Club House & Handy Manny, so quick & easy & I love it !

I used some odds & ends of my Stylecraft Special DK and started with a chain of 39 stitches using a 4mm hook. I'm thinking of adding a crocheted flower, mmm maybe, what do you think !!!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bunting .......

Oh I'm excited !!!

The other day I was trailing through Ravelry & came across another lovely lady & her blog. Her name is Alice & her little blog is
http://CrochethealingandRaymond.wordpress.com/ ( named after her gorgeous Siamese cat. ) She has some lovely crochet patterns that she is sharing, I fell for her bunting hook, line & sinker.

I just had to pick up my hook & start straight away, using odds & ends of the Stylecraft Special yarn from my Granny Stripe Blanket. Oh my, these little beauties are addictive & I love, love, love the pretty edging !!!

Talking of Granny Stripe, I'm now on the home stretch, so hopefully will be able to show it off to you in the next couple of days.

bye for now T x

Monday, 16 August 2010

Wow !!! My First Blog Award .........

I'm gob smacked. A really BIG thank you to the Clare at greenfrogcrafts.blogspot.com/ for giving me this lovely award. THANK YOU xxx

I have to write 5 things about myself before passing on this award, so here goes.

  1. My dream is to move to Dorset & have enough land to have some chickens, a donkey or two, a small orchard & vegetable patch.
  2. .
  3. I went to school with the Countess of Wessex, but alas I'm no lady lol !!!
  4. When I was at school I wanted to be a pathologist, Scene of Crime Officer or forensic scientist & all my friends thought I was morbid. ( Funny that now it's the IN thing to do ! )
  5. I lived in British Columbia, Canada for a couple of years when I was young (amazing place ! )
  6. .
  7. I love the snow & thunderstorms ( I'm just a big kid at heart ).


I would like to pass on this award to the following lovely ladies :

Lucy @ http://attic24.typepad/weblog/

Elizabeth @ http://byelizabethcat.blogspot.com/

Heather @ http://littletinbird.co.uk/

Jacquie @ http://bunnymummy-jacquie-blogspot.com/

Mia @ http://miaslandliv.blogspot.com/


Ladies, you brighten my days with your lovely blogs xxx.

Monday, 9 August 2010

My New Kitchen ......

I am so happy & proud to show off my new shiny, clutter free kitchen. It has taken over six weeks to transform, but boy it's worth all the upheaval & mess. My handy man has been a star & has done a wonderful job, no slap dash. The reason for the wait was because he was ill for a few weeks & then had to catch up on other jobs as well. I didn't mind because I knew that he would do a great job, & he has !!!!
Please note that I took the before photos as I was packing everything up ( it wasn't that messy & cluttered normally )

After :: New oven & hob that works ! New shiny white ceramic sink, my only extravagance.

After :: Ugly boiler hidden away in a cupboard & pipes boxed in.

After :: Serving hatch boxed in & tiled over, lots of work surface, wonderful !!!

I had a very tight budget to cover everything, units, appliances, sink, taps, flooring, labour etc & I did it, I think I was just over by £40.00, not bad hey !!! A big thank you to my mum who helped me turn my dream into reality, your the best !!!

Words can not describe how happy & thrilled I am, I have really enjoyed searching for everything ( Wicks - Units, oven, hob & tap Homebase - tiles B&Q - sink, flooring & work tops ) & putting it all together, with a little help from my handy man Ian !!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Burberry Inspired Cowl .......

I have been rather fed up recently !!
The reason being is that 3 days into the summer hols I pulled my back & have been in pain ever since. I had so many plans for me & the little men & so far we haven't done any of them :(
I have been to see an osteopath & I'm beginning to feel a lot better. Poor little men have been mainly confined to the house & garden & are beginning to get cabin fever (so am I). My lovely mum has been brilliant & has taken them over to her house here & there to give me some time to relax.
I just haven't been in the mood to crochet but I can't just sit there doing nothing, so I went through Ravelry to see if there was something quick to make & found this lovely little pattern which is perfect for 1 skein of Malabrigo I had knocking around.
Pattern : Burberry Inspired Cowl ( Free Pattern on Ravelry )
Yarn : 1 Skein of Malabrigo Worsted ( Whales Road )
Needles : 6.5mm
Time : 2 Days
I love it !!! I will be making more of these I'm sure !