Sunday, 7 June 2009

Class of '84 School Reunion ......

Yesterday I went to my first school reunion. I can't believe that it was nearly 25 years ago that I left school.

Not bad for a bunch of 40 odd year olds !!!

I was very excited & nervous as I hadn't seen some of the gals since I left school all those years ago. We all met up at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells at 12pm.

I can't describe how great it was to see everyone, especially Sam & Kate who I had kept in contact with up until about 10 years ago. The time went by far too quickly. Unfortunately I couldn't go to the evening meal as I had to leave at 8pm as my cousin was babysitting. I can't wait to met up with everyone again, there is nothing like renewing old friendships. Hope you all had a great evening gals & that you had a drink or two on me.

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