Sunday, 9 August 2009

My Best Friends Wedding ......

Yesterday my oldest & bestest friend Sam married her partner Chris after 12 years of living in sin !!!

Sam & I have been friends since school mmmm.... 28 years, we were both 12 years old, a life time ago. We lost contact about 10 years ago when she moved to Wiltshire, though we where both trying to get in contact with each other through Sam's brother who didn't pass on our messages or phone no's, typical !!!!! Anyway we got back in contact through FRIENDS REUNITED 3 months ago & meet up again at our school reunion in June.

Sam & Chris' little angels were bridesmaids ::

Sam's sister Debbie & Chris' son did a reading & both cried which started everyone off !! ::

Sam has always been a stunner & she radiated beauty on her big day ::

Mr & Mrs Horgan ::

The Horgan Family ::

Mr & Mrs Horgan, Sam's thinking ' no turning back now' lol.

Sam wanted Chris to wear the outfit that he was wearing when they first met, Chris had just been fishing or shooting at the time, he looks like a real country squire don't you think !!

As we came out of the Registry office we shook hands with the bride, groom & in-laws as is the custom, when I shook hands with Chris he said 'you must be Tania' ( I have only met him once before 10 years ago ) & with that he pulled out the ring box & inside Sam had put a photo of her & me taken when we where 19. I was sooo touched I found it very hard to hold back the tears.

The beautiful bride ::

The reception was held at The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells ::

All the little people were given crochet & Jelly Cat toys, what a lovely idea !!

The ladies were given little enamel pill boxes ::

The groom's speech was a mixture of laughter & tears ::

Lots of bubbly ::

Kate, another old school friend & little man no.2 ::

Kate & Charlie ( Sam's brother )

Chris' son & nephew keeping the little people entertained while the big people enjoyed chatting & the bubbly !!!

As the wedding was very early in the day everyone was invited back to Sam's mum's farm house for more drinks & a buffet.

I love this place, I could definitely live here !! It is a proper working farm that Sam's mum runs almost single-handily

Sam's mum & sister had made a Fairy & butterfly grotto for the little people ::

Cutting the cake ::

The little men really enjoyed themselves & made some new friends.

I think this was the best wedding I have been to, very relaxed, lots of laughter & tears & as Kate said ,the day was about the people getting married & that's what it should be all about

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