Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Is Over !!! ......

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, we did !! The little men & I stayed over at my mum's on Christmas Eve so we could all wake up on Christmas morning together. It was the first time that the little men had slept over anywhere & they where so excited.

They choose the mince pies & carrot to leave out for Santa & also wanted to leave him chocolate coins, just in case he was hungry later on !! As is tradition in our house ( I'm half German ) the little men where allowed to open two presents before going to bed.

We had a delicious Christmas lunch, this year we had a chicken with all the trimmings as Mum & I wanted to spend as much time with the little men as possible without worrying about cooking a great Turkey.

On Boxing Day the little men went to their daddy's for the day & I went to my Auntie & Uncles for lunch, I think this is the first Christmas in over ten years that I haven't done any of the cooking, lucky me !!!

The little men came back from Nanny, Grandad & daddy's laden with so many toys the sitting room now resembles a toy shop, lucky boys !!!

I do love Christmas, but am quietly pleased that it is now all over, I feel rather flat & tired at the moment, a little bit like our poor old Christmas tree that has had it's stuffing knocked out of it by the cats !!!

I'm now looking forward to a new year, new decade & new beginnings.

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