Friday, 24 September 2010

Goodbye Bertie ........

It is a very sad day today, my mum has had to make the dreadful decision to have one of her beloved dogs put to sleep, & to make it worse it's her birthday !

You where a gorgeous & brave little boy & a great friend, we will miss you so very much Bertie Boy x


  1. Tania,

    That is so sad, we lost two of our dogs a couple of years ago and it is really hard. Sending a big hug to your Mum. Clare x

  2. Oh my, sad but sometimes it is the best and most responsible thing to do.

  3. 1. Happy birthday for last week
    2. Glad to hear your face is better and you got to eat that lovely looking cake!
    3. your rainbow blanket is fab!
    4. Sorry to hear about your fur-bro... he's so cute, I love his underbite... he's in heaven now making the angels smile because he's just so sweet
    5. Have a lovely week!

  4. p.s there goes this evenings will power! I need chocolate after seeing that cake....

  5. Oh that's sad, my sympathy to your mum. I hate losing a pet :(

    Just found your blog (was googling for fabrics that go together and spotted your colourful handicrafts) and very impressed! So many pretty colours *grin* and love the pics of your cats.