Saturday, 7 May 2011

Look What The Post Man Delivered ! ........

Don't you just love it when a parcel is left on the door step, especially when you know it contains some yummy yarn for a new project !
I have been very strict with myself and haven't bought any yarn for a long time, as I am trying hard to use up my rather large stash of yarn that lives under my bed. But while cruising through my favorate yarn shops I was stopped in my tracks, I was star struck, it was love at first sight !!!
The gorgeous, wonderful Dream In Color was on offer at First 4 Yarns, and it was my most fav colour, how could I resist !!!!!


  1. Oh yes, that IS a nice parcel. Très yummy, Tanya! Any plans for it?

  2. What are you going to make with it? Blogger has decided tat I am not following any blogs any more!!!!!!!