Thursday, 23 April 2009

Cake, Yarn, Crochet, & Friends to Play.......

The weather today was perfect, blue skies, warm & a slight breeze. After I picked up the little men from nursery we had a picnic lunch in the garden.

My friend Beckie & her childern H ( who is the boys best buddy ) & baby P ( she is actually 2 but the little men call her that ) came for tea. I sat & worked on yet another new crochet blanket ( I now have 4 blankets on the go!!) chatted, drank tea & ate homemade lemon cake, while the little people played. We ended up eating our tea in the garden as it was still warm at 5pm.

The Little Men chatting to the builder next door

The boys where so tired after all the playing & fresh air that they had a quick bath & were asleep by 7pm, hooray an evening to myself.

"What, not more wool !!!!"
This is the comment that my ex partner used to make, when yet another package can through the post crammed with yarn.

Yes I know that I wasn't going to start another new project, but I have no self control. I am making another granny blanket using Rowan Pure DK Wool. I love working with this yarn, it's sooo soft & the colours are amazing.

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  1. Isn't it lovely to be able to spend all afternoon at in the yard. I love those days! And it's great when it wears the kiddies out too! :) Your garden looks FAB! Wee bit jealous! :)

    Love all the colors of yarn you got. I am trying so hard to be good and not get more myself. It's hard. The granny squares look lovely with their beautiful colors. Have fun with it all.