Friday, 24 April 2009

Sick Little Man, Sponsored Bike Race, Village Houses & More Spring Blossom.....

Today little man no. 1 woke up with a high Temp. of 39.4. I rang my mum to ask her to sit with him as the nursery was having a sponsored bike race to raise money for a new storage shed & sun shelter for the children to play under in the sun & little man no.2 didn't want to miss it.

After dropping him off I had 20 mins to spare before the race started so I went for a walk. I love our village, it is so pretty with lots of olde houses & cottages. As I had my camera with me I took some photos.
The photo above shows the way we go every day to school.

This is a little studio shop that is near us that has local artisan's crafts in the the window. I love the knitted rabbit.

More blossom

The bike race was a great success & little man no. 2 did really well, I must say I got rather choked up seeing him going around all the obstacles with a big big smile on his face.

I was soooo proud of him, it was such a shame that little man no. 1 is poorly as he would have loved it too.

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