Tuesday, 5 May 2009

May Day Bank Holiday.......

We woke up to grey skies today, typical Bank Holiday weather!! Mum & I where going to take the little men to Winchelsea to have a walk along the beach but it was too cold. Instead we packed up sandwiches & went to Dunorlan Park for a walk & feed the ducks.

My Mum (Nanna) & the little men

My mum has been such a tower of strength to me & is always there if I need her. I was always taught to be independent having gone to boarding school & then leaving home to go to college & traveling around with different jobs but I knew that Mum & my Step Father, Richard, were always there for me in times of trouble. Sadly my Step Father passed away 2 weeks after I found out I was expecting twins, which was a dreadful loss as we were all very close, and he was a larger than life character.

The boys love going to Dunorlan, lots of space to run & play. After feeding the ducks & little man no.1 eating all of his stale bread we walked up to the cafe for hot chocolates to warm us up. When we left it was raining so we went back to the car to eat our sarnies.

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