Saturday, 15 August 2009

My Furry Babies ......

As yet I haven't properly introduced my other babies ....

This is Saba & he is the baby of the family, he was 1 last week. He is a real love bug & welcomes everyone who visits us. His favorite past time at the moment is chasing, catching & eating flies, yuck !!

This is Bilbo Baggins, known as Bill & he is 7 . He is rather shy & tends to hide from the little men, I think it's the noise he doesn't like. He sleeps next to me every night & his purring is the last thing I hear. He suffers from fits, which is horrible to see but luckly they are very rare now. He is a very special boy.

Here is Pasha the matriarch, she is now 8 years old. Her & Bill are half brother & sister. Claim to fame, her auntie is the cat who is Mrs Norris in the Harry Potter films. She likes her peace & quiet, but puts up with love & cuddles from the little men, she isn't quite as patient with the other cats though. She likes to sleep on the little men's beds at night once they are asleep.

Lastly this is Cusso, named after a Black American Gang Member that I saw being interviewed on telly. I liked his name not his life style !!! My Cusso is a real boy, he can be naughty with me but loves the little men & the other cats. When it is food time he runs up & headbutts the others to push them out the way so he gets in first !

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  1. They are beautiful! I am currently owned by 4 Maine Coons (one is a Hobbit as well. ;-) His name is Pippin). Unfortunately, none of mine are black smoke. Cusso's colour truly is special. Do any of yours try to comb your hair with their claws, or is it just because Pip is a Took? ;-)