Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bumblebees & Butterflies ......

Now that it's August the Buddlea's are in full bloom. The garden is alive with honey & bumble bees & all sorts of butterflies working hard collecting pollen & nectar.

Red Admiral Butterflies ::

Busy Bumblebee ::

The garden is heady with the sweet scent from these plants ::

Beautiful blue summer sky ::

Comma Butterfly sunning itself ::
I can't believe we are now in August,where has the year gone. Soon it will be September & then dare I say ..... Autumn, the little men will be starting school full time & I will be looking for a job !!!


  1. Hello
    I clicked on your name after I'd read your comment about Lucy's BB. What a lovely blog. I love all your photos and descriptions of the things you get upto with your lovely boys.
    I think your blankets are going to look fabulous! I'm definately adding you to my favourites so that I can see them in all their glory!Penny L xx

  2. Thanks for your kind words, I'm sooo pleased you like my blog. I hope to be blogging about more of my knitting & crochet projects very soon. xx