Friday, 21 August 2009

A Trip To The Park & The Dentist ......

On Tuesday I developed a niggly pain in one of my wisdom teeth. As time went by the pain got worse & by the evening I didn't know where to put myself. I was up ALL night pacing the floor & eating Ibuprofen, which didn't help. As soon as 9am came I rang the Dentist who very kindly fitted me in that afternoon.

Mum & I had promised to take the boys to Dunorlan Park for a picnic & to feed the ducks & I couldn't let them down, so off we went.

I must say that I found it hard going as I was exhausted & in awful pain. It was such a shame as it was a glorious day for fun in the park.

Little man no. 2 blowing Dandelion fairies ::

Picnicing in the sun ::

After a couple of hours of fun in the park it was off to the dentist for me. Unfortuately once my dentist started drilling he informed me that it would be best to take the tooth out!!!! My blood ran cold .... Oh no!!! But I was very brave & went through with it. At least it was a wisdom tooth & wont show. The pain has now all but gone & it seems to be healing well. Thank goodness !! I am nearly back to full working order though still rather tired.

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