Friday, 4 September 2009

My Little Men's First Day At School ......

What a big day today for both little men & mummy. I just can't believe that they have started school, where has the time gone. It seems like only yesterday that we where bringing them home from hospital !!!

2 weeks old, they where so very tiny ::

Look at them now !!! They look so grown up in their uniforms, but are still so diddy.

Mum came with us to see them go into school on their first day. They where very excited to see all their friends & Mum & I were fine until the whistle went & all the children lined up to go in, then the tears started. Luckly we had sunglasses on & the little men where fine, smiling & waving as they went into school & onto the next chapter in their little lives.

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  1. Such sweet little boys, starting school already. One can really tell how time flies when one looks at the young ones and how they grow.

    Thank you for your nice comment in my blog. Regarding the cable knit cushion I thin you will need about 5 skeins of wool (100 g. each). I bought five skeins for the first cushion (which was just enough) but when I (a year later) bought wool for this new gray cushion, could not for the life of me remember how much the skeins weighed. So for the new one I bought six skeins of 50 g. each, but found out very quickly that it was not enough. Good luck with your knitting (and do make sure you can buy more wool if the five skeins are not enough...)