Wednesday, 21 October 2009

More Wrist Warmers .......

Just a quickie to show off my next pair of wrist warmers that I made last night/ this morning. Not as colourful, but perfect to go with my kingfisher blue jacket !!!!


  1. Hello Tania
    May I be the first to comment today? I noticed you have become one of my 'followers' pleased to say.
    I just love these wrist warmers.As you say they go beautifully with the jacket. Did you see the birdies on Lucy's blog? Now I shall have a go at those.
    Hope those little men are okay today. Gorgeous little fellas. Do they get on well? I should imagine they do. Isn't it such an adventure having twins? I loved every minute, still do. Although it's so ....different now they are 23!
    Bye for now, I will chat again with you.

  2. So, these are also too much fun. Some time I find the less colorful it is the more time I pick to wear... Not happy about it, but that's the way it is...

  3. Love them! The colors you picked are wonderful. They go great with your jacket.