Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More Finished Projects ......

I have decided to make two car blankets as I know there would be a lot of tug of war going on in the back of the car with just one between two little men that are now at an age when they like to have their own things !!!!

As you can see the first one is finished & I started the second one today. It's such a great way of using up so many odd balls of wool that have been stashed away under my bed for ages.

I have also been making some wrist warmers, another great way of using odd balls up. They are very additive to make & so easy & quick. I'm going to make some more pairs in different colours & maybe make some as Christmas presents. I feel a little bit like an Attic24 groupie at the mo but I just LOVE all of Lucy's crochet projects...... have you seen her little Birdie she has just made !!!

Lucy I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your designs. I just wish I had more time to make up my own designs, I really must have a go one day.


  1. Smart gal. Two blankets for the car is perfect. Love the colors.

    I, too have been thinking of those Lucy wrist warmers all week long. Got to get started on a pair soon.

    Didn't you love her little birdie today...

    Icks...just what I need is another project.

  2. I'm a lucy groupie too!I made a birdie yesterday!
    love your car blanket,I've left a comment on flikr.
    bunny mummy :0)