Saturday, 17 October 2009

Summer Flower Cushion .......

Last night I sat up burning the midnight oil to finish my Summer Flower cushion. I really enjoyed making this, many thanks to Lucy for yet another fantastic pattern. I will definitely be making more of these cushions for my sofa. This one will be living on the chair in my bedroom.

Now onto the car blanket for the little men. I'm about half way so hopefully they will be snuggling under it by next week !
Then I am going to make myself some of Lucy's Wrist Warmers, ....... watch this space !!!!


  1. Love the cushion and the colours are very pretty ~ Did you back it with a jumper like Lucy does or just crochet another side? I'm going to be trying out the wrist warmers too :O)

  2. The cushion turned out wonderful! Can't wait to see how the little men's car blanket turns out.

  3. Oh, it's wonderful!! I know I've said it before, but I say it again: Love the colours!!
    Love Anna-Karin xxx

  4. Hello Tania,
    You just left a comment on my stream. Thanks so much for visiting Flickr. Thought I would check your blog out. Another fan of Lucy I see. I love the wrist warmers! REally lovely, not to mention the blanket and cushion. We have something in common 'twins!'. My daughters are 23 now. I now what you mean 'each wanting their own'. I've just made a ripple for my daughter,she loved it. Now I have to make one for the other one!:) Your little boys are gorgeous, such happy boys. Love the photos of them. I do hope you will visit my blog and Congratulations on your work!
    Hugs Sue.