Friday, 18 December 2009

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow .......

Well for once the weather man was right !!!! We did indeed have snow, nearly 12 inches in fact. It started at around 10pm last night & then didn't stop until 8am this morning.

At one point it was an absolute blizzard with the wind howling & the snow coming down so thickly that you couldn't see anything.

I was woken up this morning at 5.10am by two little men running around shouting "It's snowing, it's snowing, Mummy get up ", so I was making us all hot chocolate at 5.30am, oh boy !!!
My neighbour was very brave & set off for work at the crack of dawn but was soon back as most of the roads around here were impassable & the A21 was closed due to a lorry jack knifing.
It was meant to be the last day of school today but school was closed so we had a fun snow day instead.
There are a lot of photo's in my post today, please humor me I just LOVE snow !!!

:: This is the view from the sitting room window early this morning

The little men wanted to walk to my mum's house, which is only 5 mins away, so we wrapped up & set off. It was a beautiful walk & yes I slipped & fell over, trust me ! Luckily I landed on thick snow so no bones broken.
There were some silly people trying to drive up the hill into the village but where slipping & sliding all over the place & we even saw a man riding a bicycle, I didn't fancy his chances !!!

:: Our road

:: Two snow covered little men

:: Walking in virgin snow on the way to my Mum's

:: Bertie ( my mum's dog ) enjoying the snow too.

:: Snowball fighting

:: Red noses

:: The main road into our village

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  1. Lovely! It looks about the same over here though the snow is actually pretty late this year, usually we have about twice as much at this time of year. The road looked very much the same as in your photos when I drove to work this morning. Then, just as I reached my office, the road maintainance came through, and just when they had finished clearing the snow off the road, guess what ... it snowed some more. :-)) So when I drove home, the road looked the same again, but the sun was out and I really did enjoy the ride. Can't wait for the weekend to go out and get some photos.

    Love, Ella xxx