Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year, New Beginnings & A New Look Sitting Room .......

Well here we are in 2010. I'm hoping it's an improvement on 2009, not a good year for me.
Three weeks before Christmas the decorator arrived to decorate the landing & sitting room ceilings & to wallpaper here & there. It wasn't the best timing just before the festive holiday but I'm so happy with the end results that it was all worth while. After he'd finished I painted the sitting room a lovely creamy almond colour to go with the new wallpaper on the chimney breast.

Before ::

After ::

Before ::

After ::

The room isn't finished yet, I still need to do the gloss work & the carpet needs replacing, but it's a vast improvement don't you think.

The next big project is the kitchen, not sure whether to start that now or in the spring. I have lots of smaller projects I want to do & now that the little men are back at school I have 6 hours a day to get stuck in. Here are a few things I want to achieve this month :

My To Do List for January

  1. Repaint the little men's room
  2. Repaint my room
  3. Sort & clear out Attic (so that I can put more junk up there)
  4. Sort out my yarn stash
  5. Sort & clear the garage
  6. Sort & clear the study
  7. Repaint the study
  8. Gloss all the doors & paint work (not my favorite job !!!)
  9. Sort out old toys
  10. Paint the porch

Tomorrow I am hoping to tackle the mountain of ironing that has been growing & growing over the last two weeks, wish me luck !!


  1. Hope 2010 is a better year for you, the room looks very fresh and that wallpaper is lovely!xx

  2. Looking GOOD! Big improvement, amazing how much warmth it brings to the room. Loving the new sideboard.

    Oooh, I love a nice big to do list - mine ALWAYS include 'sort out yarn stash'. x

  3. Love the wallpaper...always fun to move the furniture around lol
    HAPPY 2010 XX