Monday, 30 August 2010

Coffee Pot Cosy ........

My GSB is all but done, just finishing the shell edging, love, love, love it !!!! I would have finished it about a month ago but my hooking mojo plummeted when I hurt my back at the beginning of the summer hols. I have been working on it every evening for the past week, with a snugly Cusso beside me eyeing it up, sorry boy this one isn't for you my furry friend!

Here's another lovely little pattern by Alice @ Crocheting with Raymond, a sweet coffee pot cosy. It only took me 2 hours to make this morning while the the little men & I watched Micky Mouse Club House & Handy Manny, so quick & easy & I love it !

I used some odds & ends of my Stylecraft Special DK and started with a chain of 39 stitches using a 4mm hook. I'm thinking of adding a crocheted flower, mmm maybe, what do you think !!!


  1. Oh Tania! It's GORGEOUS!!!!
    I'm appreciating your colour blending, your mini shell stitch, your device for keeping it on! So beautiful! It's awesome
    And I'm glad you said it didn't take you long... I'm having many people tell me I crochet so fast they can't believe it... but they are just little projects!
    I'm thinking you need to make a matching mandala to sit it on now!!!!!

  2. Hello Tania, I've just found you via Crochet with Raymond and have been drooling over you crochet and your kitchen. I have also been inspired by Lucy's colourful blanket and am making my own take with her colours. And I'm on the last square, HOORAY! Do pop over to Planet Penny some time to see. Hope all the aches and pains are better now, Penny x

  3. Just to let you know I've put a link to you from Planet Penny x