Sunday, 26 April 2009

Girlie Day in Rye......

Today the little men went out with their daddy, so I had a me day. I love my little men to bits but it's nice to have some time to myself & I think every parent needs it.

My friend Jo rang to see if I would like to go to Rye for the day so off we went. I love Rye, it's full of antique & junk shops & most of the buildings are very old with cobbled lanes.

Mermaid Street

The Mermaid Inn ( 15th Century )

Gate House ( & Jo )

I bought a lovely dressing table set, some silver teaspoons & tea towels. We stopped for lunch at a bar called Baileys & had char coaled chicken burgers ( very good ) & chips. I had a lovely day, the weather was sunny, great company ( I love Jo, she's a sweetie ), and nice shops.

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