Saturday, 25 April 2009

Weekend Baking at Nanna's.......
On Saturday Little Man no.1 was feeling a lot better so we went to my mum's for the afternoon.

Mum suggested doing some baking, so the little men made Favorite Biscuits with a little help from me. I was about their age when I started making these & are a family favorite, hence the name. They are so easy to make & are yummy !

Here's the receipt....


8oz/225g SR Flour
8oz/225g Light Brown Sugar
8oz/225g Butter
5oz/125g Porridge Oats
2oz/50g Cocoa
2 -3 tbsp Camp Coffee
pinch of salt

Pre heat oven to 180/350/Gas 4

Mix everything together with your hands to form a slightly sticky dough. Roll dough into walnut size balls & place on baking sheets (about 20 balls). Press balls down gently with a fork, & bake for 9-11 mins. They are best slightly under done so that they are chewy. THEN ENJOY !

These 2 little characters are my mum's dogs.

Lilly Lilo

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